9:59:23 PM bebefwls: how have u been?
9:59:32 PM Mauvis Ledford: hello
9:59:38 PM Mauvis Ledford: I forget who this is
10:00:01 PM bebefwls: hey sweety how are you?
10:00:08 PM Mauvis Ledford: who is this?
10:00:30 PM bebefwls: I’m great thanks for chattin with me
10:00:34 PM Mauvis Ledford: bot
10:00:36 PM Mauvis Ledford: you are a bot
10:01:03 PM bebefwls: not the last time i checked
10:01:09 PM Mauvis Ledford: shutup
10:01:24 PM bebefwls: whatcha up to?
10:01:27 PM Mauvis Ledford: shutup
10:01:54 PM bebefwls: ok cool ! i just finished working out so im really flexible right now. maybe i can do some special moves for you lol I can do the splits, get my legs over my head and even lick my pink wet kitty ha ha!! I can make myself squirt too!!
10:08:28 PM Mauvis Ledford: shutup
10:08:48 PM bebefwls: sweet!! you could give me some tips on how i could do it better…I’m ready to get on my cam and show you if you wanna see…so we don’t have to keep typing and I have a mic too ok??
10:09:01 PM Mauvis Ledford: shutup
10:09:17 PM bebefwls: alright my cam is wired thru a chat network to keep the yahoo kids away from me so dont worry if you dont have a cam or yours don’t work ok? I gotcha covered babe!
10:09:34 PM Mauvis Ledford: shutup
10:09:51 PM bebefwls: Ok sweetheart this is just gonna be you and me…go to [link redacted] if you can’t click the link type it in or copy/paste it to ur browser let me know when u got it
You have disconnected (11:37:41 PM)

You have connected (11:35:12 AM)
11:36:34 AM bebefwls: hey
11:36:43 AM Mauvis Ledford: hey bot
11:36:54 AM bebefwls: Hey sweetie thanks for givin me a shout
11:37:07 AM Mauvis Ledford: you are a bot, I don’t give bots shouts
11:37:24 AM bebefwls: bot? like a robot? lol
11:37:48 AM Mauvis Ledford: more like a basic instant message script – not too advanced
11:38:04 AM bebefwls: Are you a feeling dirty??
11:38:10 AM Mauvis Ledford: not really
11:38:36 AM bebefwls: yes im real
11:39:42 AM Mauvis Ledford: what’s 27 divided by 3?
11:40:02 AM bebefwls: I think you and I are gonna get along just fine!!
11:42:03 AM bebefwls: did you msg me?
11:56:24 AM Mauvis Ledford: we’re done.
11:56:51 AM bebefwls: So you wanna get to know me better ;p
You have disconnected (12:02:03 PM)