I’m on my vacation now in South Korea, and in keeping related to tech, I have a few things to blog about:

  1. PC bangs (rooms) are all over the place, almost as much as nara bangs (karoake rooms) and the general cost is 1000 won ($1) for two hours of awesomely fast internet!
  2. Both of the PC bangs I’ve been to so far have IE6 installed as the default browser with nothing else (although they’re all relatively new machines). :(
  3. On the upside, it looks like you can install anything you want (I installed Firefox) but I’m guessing the computer gets reimaged somehow once you log out. I was also allowed to hook my Macbook up.
  4. Atleast in the area I’m in (Inchon), wireless networks seem to be less prevalent here than in the US, especially the wide open or free ones (and thusly I’m at a PC bang.)
  5. Instead of relying on expensive phonecards and such to call the States, I use my Skype number (about $30 for 6 months). It gives me unlimited calling to the US and Canada and my own NYC number friends can call so they don’t get charged for long distance. Even though I’m not even close to NYC it still calls them like I it did when I am in my office. Win/win.
  6. I decided to step up from my old 4-year-old Sony Cybershot and bought a Nikon D90 DSLR before the trip. It works just like my old Nikon N80 (non-digital SLR) and I’ve been enjoying the crisp 12mp images and 1080p video capabilites. I want to make a DVD when I get back in two weeks.
  7. And lastly, Starcraft is just as fun as I remembered it. :(