If you haven’t gathered so far, I think the jQuery JavaScript library is the dog’s bollocks. Its small, efficient, and has improved my life as a developer almost as much as Firebug. jQuery gets flack occasionally for containing complex or cryptic code full of ternary operators and multiple variable declarations in a single statement (eg. a=b=1), which I mostly see as concise and efficient coding however, there’s one thing about the jQuery library that I can’t stand. It’s something every developer should do and if you’re not doing it then you’re a jerk and that, ladies and gentlemen, is omitting your curly brackets.

Look at this code snippet from the jQuery library to see what I mean:

for ( ; i < length; i++ )
	// Only deal with non-null/undefined values
	if ( (options = arguments[ i ]) != null )
		// Extend the base object
		for ( var name in options ) {
			var src = target[ name ], copy = options[ name ];
			// Prevent never-ending loop
			if ( target === copy )
			// Recurse if we're merging object values
			if ( deep && copy && typeof copy == "object" && !copy.nodeType )
				target[ name ] = jQuery.extend( deep,
					// Never move original objects, clone them
					src || ( copy.length != null ? [ ] : { } )
				, copy );
			// Don't bring in undefined values
			else if ( copy !== undefined )
				target[ name ] = copy;
// Return the modified object
return target;

Coding in this way leads is extremely error-prone especially for open-souce projects where many others are modifying your code. Please stop it.


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