Oh man guys, I know that this is probably old news to the rest of you, but I just started using two of the coolest things together – and it rocks my face off!

Google Gears is a Firefox plugin that let’s you take web pages offline (essentially letting web developers save data to the visitors hard drive in a sqlite database). I thought about using it for this memory web app I’m building in my free time but decided it wasn’t worth all the extra effort at this point in time (you have to add in extra code to detect when users are offline and online, etc.)

Google Reader is Google’s aggregator capable of reading RSS and Atom feeds – essentially you use it to keep track of all the blogs you read in one place. I’ve been using iGoogle for the past two+ years and am slowly integrating all my feeds into Google Reader.

A few times a month I go on a two-hour train ride to see my girlfriend and family and have nothing to do while in commute (Why can’t you support tethering, iPhone?) Now I can combine the two things together and download all my blogs for viewing offline. Goodbye two boring hours!

Again, both these technologies are really old and everyone logically knows to use Gears with Reader but just in case you haven’t done so, here’s your reminder!

Next up, trying to access wikipedia offline.