So the new Firefox 3 that was released last week is awesome. It’s much faster, doesn’t seem to hog memory as much as the old one, and has a completely revamped bookmarks system which I enjoy. Mozilla reached it’s goal of getting in the Guinness World Records for the most downloaded application in a single day (8 million) and if you haven’t downloaded it yet I suggest you try it now. They also fixed a ton of bugs including the really annoying Mac flash overlay issue on transparent CSS backgrounds. Now if only FF3 was an auto-update…

Display and functionality-wise, all my pages seem to display exactly the same except for two issues:

  1. The first is a minor CSS issue with a horizontal bullet list. The whole lists is partially collapsed on each other with no spacing in between. Toggling the padding-left on this list via Firebug fixes the issue, so until the real issue is fix, I just do this toggling via JavaScript on document-ready for just this user agent.
  2. The second issue is the big one. On a good deal of my pages (in just FF3) I get JavaScript errors (variable is undefined) where some variable I set in the page through an inline script block cannot be found by another inline script (Google Adsense) and an external JS file on the same page. If I refresh the page a few times it seems to work so the issue is intermittin but huge, as JavaScript seems to not work at all when this issue occurs. If anyone wants to see an example of this or knows a solution let me know! I’ve been looking through Firefox’s Bug Tracker and haven’t found the issue, so I may log one myself if I can.

    Update: The issue seems to be caused when having the new Firebug 1.2.0b3 with Firefox (and possibly having the YSlow addon, too.) If you disable Firebug the errors go away and all functionality is restored. I hope this issue gets fixed soon! If you found this entry through a search engine and are also experiencing the issues please post here so we can see how big this issue is.

Generally though, FF3 is definitely worth the upgrade and besides the two issues above I experienced on my own project, I see no issue on the regular sites I visit.