If you’re like me, and you’re constantly using document.cookie to check your cookie settings in Firebug Console – life just got a little bit easier with a Firebug Extension by Jan Odvarko called Firecookie that let’s you view and manage cookies. Sure their’s plenty of cookie plugin-ins for Firefox and the built-in cookie manager is fine, but for the speed of having a tab right there in your Firebug console it’s a great time-saver.

Firecookie Screenshot

Another great feature is that whenever a cookie value changes it’s logged in your console – a feature especially good for troubleshooting (but perhaps an extra option for turning that off would be nice.) I like seeing what kind of values the sites I visit are using.

Jan has also wrote up a tutorial on extending the Firebug console with your own creations – this is something I’m definitely looking forward to experimenting with. I also look froward to seeing other creative addons. Nothing beats Yahoo’s YSlow Firebug extension, though. Something I’ll have to write more about in a future entry.