Here’s a cool illustration displaying the most popular social networks around the world. The original page it came from is in French and I can’t verify it’s accuracy – but it’s still pretty fun to look at.

Division of most popular social networks per country.

I knew MySpace is the biggest in the US (with the Facebook in second) and that Live Journal is tremendously popular in Russia (a Russian company actually bought LiveJournal from Six Apart a few months ago). Also that Google’s Orkut is tremendously popular in Brazil and India (and apparently South America) but no where else. I’ve seen my Korean friend use Cyworld. I heard a little about Bebo in the blogosphere but know very little about Netlog, Skyblog (popular in France), and Mixi.

It is also a bit hilarious that Friendster, which was clear Social Network leader, initially, until their servers couldn’t handle the bandwidth and everyone jumped ship, is now only popular in the Asian Pacific (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.)